Congratulations Leah Walker and tsin’aen for your dedication to Chickaloon Village Traditional Council. Leah is the program manager for our 477 Program and last week she accepted the 2019 Outstanding Grantee P.L. 102-477 award at the 40th National Indian and Native American Employment/Public Law 102-477 Training on behalf of Chickaloon Native Village.

Do You or Might You Have Earthquake Damage?

 Open Monday – Saturday, 9 am to 7 pm.
The Centers have IA specialists that can help people with registrations
and specific questions.
Disaster Recovery Center (DRC)
Christ First United Methodist Church
2635 S. Old Knik Rd
Wasilla, AK 99654

What: Community Partners Meeting
Was your agency or organization impacted by the earthquake?
Are you working with clients that have been affected? Join us for a
workshop with State and FEMA representatives and other partners
to learn about the resources available to both your organization and
those you serve.

WHEN: MARCH 13, 2019
TIME: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
LOCATION: Mat-Su Health Foundation Conference Center
777 N. Crusey St., Wasilla, AK

Here is a registration through our host, The Foraker Group:

Discussion topics:
• AFTER THE EARTHQUAKE - Sequence of Delivery and Community
• FEMA Individual Assistance & Application Process - information for
your agency to support your clients
• FEMA Public Assistance Programs & Application Process – what may
be available to non-profits who were directly impacted or provided
critical essential services.
• SBA Small Business Administration Loans & Application Process - for
survivors, non-profit agencies, and businesses impacted by the disaster.
• Community Recovery – Establishing Partnerships to Achieve Holistic
What: Meeting for Seniors to learn more about registering for FEMA.
There will also be assistance to register at that time for interested seniors.
When: Wednesday March 13th, 11:30-1:30
Where: Palmer Senior Center
1132 S. Chugach St.
Palmer, AK 99645

DR 4413 AK FAQ 001 State and FEMA IA Programs:

DR 4413 AK Flyer Disaster Recovery Centers:

Public Assistance for Faith-Based Community Volunteer and Private Nonprofit Organizations:

Self Monitoring Compliance Assessment (Facilities)

Hello Everyone! It is that time of year again for year-end reports and monitoring of programs. As a NAHASDA Indian Housing Block Grant recipient, our department must complete an annual internal review. Self-Monitoring is intended to provide reasonable assurance that program goals and objectives are met, resources are adequately safeguarded and efficiently used, reliable data obtained, maintained and disclosed in reports, and policies and regulations are compliant at all levels and in all functions.

A Self-Monitoring Compliance Assessment was completed for the period of October 1, 2017 through September 30, 2018 (FY2018). No open findings or areas of noncompliance were found.

Our Annual Performance Report (APR) for FY2018 with the results of the Self-Monitoring Compliance Assessment included must be made available for public review and comment for a minimum of 5 business days to all citizens in our jurisdiction.

Our Annual Self-Monitoring Compliance Assessment and Performance Report(s) were posted today, December 20, 2018 at our Accounting/Administration and Housing Offices located at 9255 N Glenn Highway in Palmer, AK for public review and comment. These reports will be posted for public review and comment until December 28, 2018.

Please contact me with any comments or questions at (907) 745-0749 or

Tsin’aen (Thank You),
Samantha Ange, Facilites Director.


ANA SEDS Award Announcement

We are honored to have received a 3-year grant award from the Administration for Native Americans’ Social and Economic Development Strategies program for Nay’dini aa Na’ Kayax Hwnic Dade’tsenes (Chickaloon Native Village Information We Know) Project. The project goal is to protect Ahtna cultural sites and resources through an increase in knowledge, skills and access to engage, and effectively assert Tribal sovereignty, in the regulatory process with state and federal governments. We will achieve this goal by training three community members to be CVTC Certified Tribal Historic Preservation Officers; we will create one cultural geodatabase of at least 45 Ahtna cultural sites and resources to be used in asserting Tribal government sovereignty for cultural resource management and site protection for present and future generations; and we will have provided at least 150 Ahtna cultural presentations to educate at least 300 community members and visitors. The Nay’dini aa Na’ Kayax Hwnic Dade’tsenes (Chickaloon Native Village Information We Know) Project is vital to the achievement of CVTC’s long-term goals of asserting Tribal sovereignty and the protection of CNV sacred cultural resources.