Ahtna Language Class being held by Distance Education in Fall 2020

Ugheli dzaen,

We have our language class open to fall 2020!!! Please register at UA online https://www.alaska.edu/uaonline/ and register with the numbers on the flyer below.  If you do not have a UA online number you can register with our non-degree seeking form and email to the register at kpc.registration@alaska.edu. Also below is a non-degree seeking and registration form if you do not wish to register for a degree and just want to take the class.  Please look to your village and corporation for funding as the class is a 4 credit class.

Sii’yiits’de’ nanohl’yiił

Sondra Shaginoff-Stuart, MA; Rural Native Student Services Coordinator; AKNS Ahtna Language Adjunct Faculty, Kenai Peninsula College