9109 N Glenn Highway, Palmer, Alaska

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Education Director
Lisa Wade

Ya Ne Dah Ah School is committed to all students receiving an education which instills respect for human dignity and diversity, which validates the history and culture of all ethnic groups, which is based on high expectations for academic success for every student, and which encourages students and parents to actively participate in the learning process.

We believe that:

  • Education is built on a foundation of respect for human dignity and diversity
  • Different cultural, language, and spiritual traditions must be recognized and respected
  • Children must learn to care for their own physical and mental health if they are to become happy, productive adults
  • It is the responsibility of all citizens of the community to work toward improvement of their environment, their education, and their well-being
  • Achieving individual self-determination through education in tribal values and culture is the right of every citizen. Developing intellectual capabilities in order to more fully assert themselves in the dominant culture