16166 N Glenn Highway, Sutton, Alaska 99654

Phone: (907) 745-0700 Fax: (907) 745-0750

Justice Director

To provide stewardship of Tribal resources, assist during emergencies, maintain culturally respectful close contact with Elders and youth, and provide service to the community.

A safe and healthy community with effective comprehensive justice services; seamless partnership with other agencies, law enforcement departments and courts; and sustainable funding for the Justice Department.

Respect: Helping to ensure that individuals, communities and environments are respected.
Honesty: Acting with the highest level of morale to each community member. Being fair, truthful and sincere.
Education: Providing continuing education for our Elders, youth and community.
Teamwork: Working cohesively with other CVTC departments to achieve elements of our strategic plan. Maintain working relationships with other law enforcement agencies and organizations.
Humor: Using humor to uplift Elder and community member’s spirits when times are difficult.

* Working towards the beautification and safe use of Moose Creek Campground
* Elder Visits and Assistance
* Community Events
* Security Checks
* Educating the Community about Substance and Domestic Abuse
* To ensure sustainable funding for the Justice Department
* Partnering with other Governments, Communities, Agencies and Organizations
* Staff member ID’s and Tribal citizen cards