Transportation Director
Brian Winnestaffer

Our mission is to provide the safest, most efficient transportation infrastructure for the tribe, our citizens, and the public. This includes FHWA’s mission of enhancing mobility through innovation, leadership, and public service.


  • Safety: Continually improve transportation safety.
  • Mobility & Productivity: Preserve, improve, and expand the tribal highway transportation system while enhancing the operation of transportation systems and intermodal connectors.
  • Global Connectivity: Promote and facilitate a more efficient tribal, domestic, and global transportation system that enables economic growth.
  • Environment: Protect and enhance the natural environment and communities affected by transportation development.
  • Organizational Excellence: Advance the tribal ability to manage for results and innovation.


Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) - Chickaloon Villages’ Transportation Department has begun to upgrade existing roads/trails, construct new roads/trails, and do road/trail maintenance in our service area per TTP program guidelines.

Transit - Through a Federal Transit Authority (FTA) Bus and Operating grant we are establishing a transit service within our service area. Any system designed will be available to all residents, including handicapped individuals, wishing to use the service. We plan connection to the Palmer-Wasilla M.A.S.C.O.T. transit system, the Valley Mover transit system, as well as Anchorage & Valdez areas transit systems.

Aviation - The Chickaloon tribe owns a dedicated airport with a 2,000 foot grass runway and an airport reserve area for our tribal citizens, in conjunction with use by the Bestline Park Subdivision owners. This public airport needs upgraded for easy access as well as someone to maintain it for future use.