Environmental Stewardship

9255 N Glenn Hwy, Palmer, Alaska 99645

Phone: (907) 745-0737 Fax: (907) 745-0709

Environmental Stewardship Director
Jessica Winnestaffer

Mission Statement
We apply Traditional Knowledge and modern science to promote the health of living things and their environments within the Chickaloon Village Traditional Territory.

We envision a future with functioning ecosystems, flourishing fish and wildlife populations and a healthy, prosperous community.

Tribal Response Program (TRP) - The TRP is meant to provide resources and increase the ability to address brownfield sites. Through this program we hope to provide not only information about current brownfield sites, but also education about the prevention of future contaminated sites.

Nurture The Land And People Project - Through this project we will provide Ahtna Cultural restoration and preservation by developing an Ahtna Cultural Resource Library, writing an Ahtna Cultural Education Book, and providing frequent Ahtna cultural education events. We will also develop cultural sustainability and economic growth through development of Ahtna cultural tourism, statewide cultural tourism networks and a business plan for Tribal tourism infrastructure development.

Moose Creek Restoration Project - The Chickaloon Village Traditional Council, in collaboration with other agencies and the local community began working to restore fish passage and improve habitat on Moose Creek for anadromous fish, particularly salmon.

Moose Creek Salmon Population Rehabilitation - This project is restoring the Moose Creek Chinook salmon population which has declined in the last century. In mid-summer, small numbers of adult Chinook salmon on Moose Creek are captured; the salmon eggs are fertilized and then incubated in a moist air incubation system located in our Environmental Stewardship Department Office.

Matanuska River Watershed Recreation & Trails Plan - To enhance social and economic development and community stewardship through area trails and recreation planning and management.

Matanuska River Watershed Cultural Ecotourism - Development of a Cultural Ecotourism program utilizing collaborative partnerships with other Tribes, local governments, and non-profits.

Ecosystem Based Plan - The Chickaloon Village Ecosystem Based Plan was completed in the spring of 2009. The work completed entailed presentations on the maps and community interviews that were conducted and produced throughout the duration of the project, educating the public about the plan, the planning process, and the maps generated from the plan.