9255 N Glenn Hwy, Palmer, Alaska 99645

Phone: (907) 745-0749 Fax: (907) 745-0709


Facilities/Housing Director
Samantha Ange

Programs and services offered
Low-Income Rental Housing located in Sutton, AK for eligible Tribal Citizens, Alaska Native and/or American Indians (AN/AI's). Other housing assistance information and referrals are available upon request and based on need.

Current Priorities
To increase availability of safe, healthy and affordable rental housing for eligible low-income Alaska Native and/or American Indian families. Perserve and enhance self-sufficiency by providing accessibility improvements for eligible disabled and/or elder AN/AI homeowners. Increase Tribal citizen self-sufficiency and self-determination by assisting renters to become homeowners and through training the next generation of leaders by providing construction skills training. Reduce environmental impact and rising utility costs by improving efficiency for eligible low-income AN/AI's.